French Riviera
Antibes, France

Program: Residential
The project takes place on the French Riviera, in Antibes, France. This apartment is composed of 1000 sqft of interior space and 1080 sqft of exterior spaces including 320 sqft of balcony and a 760 sqft terrace overlooking the old Antibes and Nice.

The apartment has been designed to clarify and optimize the spaces, it has been completely renovated, the existing marble floor has been preserved.  This is a “house on the roof’’, the only  apartment on the top floor is facing south, feeding off the interior space of natural light from morning to night. This unique location and exposition offered John to work with neutral and clear colors like white, beige and gray to create a dramatic conversation between the vertical _ horizontal elements and the light.

The space is naturally so bright that the architect did not want to use bright colors as a painting element, but let the materials highlighted by the natural light merge organically with the furnitures, the art and the lamps to create different atmospheres throughout the day.

Designer: John Schwarz

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