Our studio offers full-service architecture and design solutions ranging from renovations and interior design of residential and retail spaces, to the design of objects and furniture.

John takes inspiration from great architectural masters. Donald Judd, for his proclamation that art and its experience should be in a perpetual conversation; Peter Zumthor, for his finesse in atmospheric creation; Mies Van Der Rohe, for his minimalism; and Luis Barragán, for his sensitivity to color and their associations.

’s vision and ambition led him to open his own studio. With his sensitivity and exacting nature, he reintroduces aesthetics through the beauty of space nourished by his clients’ personal experiences and culture.

At John Schwarz Studio we take our time to be in close dialogue with our clients and use that knowledge to help us find the perfect balance between a functional and beautiful space.

For John, the essence of architecture is about creating an aesthetic experience while affording meaningful human interaction.

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